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Backflow Prevention Testing

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Do you have a system at your home that requires backflow prevention?

Backflow prevention is an aspect of plumbing that is critical. Without a backflow preventer, water can flow in either direction, which can cause contamination or pollution of drinking water.

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Common Devices that need a Backflow Preventer

Commercial Backflow Prevention FAQs

No. The installation, repair, replacement and/or testing of backflow preventers must be performed by a licensed Technician.

A backflow preventer works by only allowing water to flow in one direction in a pipe. It essentially works like a one-way gate. It opens in one direction, allowing clean water to flow into your main water supply line, but closes to any water flowing in the opposite direction, preventing backflow.

It is essential to have a licensed Technician test your backflow device. Testing is required yearly to ensure your device is working properly.

If you fail to have your backflow tested per your municipality’s regulations, you may be fined, or the water to your property could be turned off until the device is tested and confirmed that there are no issues.

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