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How do I properly maintain the pump station at my location?

If your commercial property has a sewer pump or lift station, it’s important that it is properly maintained to avoid costly sewer backups, repairs, and any inconvenience to your tenants or customers.

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Common Issues

Commercial pump stations handle a large volume of debris and sewer. This debris can clog the pump propellers and/or floats.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to control what your tenants and customers flush down the drain. A buildup of Fats, Oils and Grease and debris, can cause serious drainage issues.

The alarm should go off any time there is a problem. There could be various reasons as to why the alarm is going off such as a blockage, electrical error, and high water levels.

Commercial Sewer Pump FAQs

The frequency that your pump should be cleaned is dependent on a few factors; the size of your facility, water and sewer usage, and the number of fixtures. Please schedule an appointment so our Technicians can recommend the correct frequency that best fits your needs.

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  • Your location will be on a set schedule that will populate in our system, which eliminates the need for you to remember or keep track of when the sewer pump is due for cleaning.
  • We can identify any issues with the sewer pump system before they become a major problem.
  • Better maintain the integrity and lifespan of the sewer pump system.

Simply put, only toilet tissue and waste should be flushed down the drain.

You should not flush hygiene products, cotton balls, prescription medications, and “flushable” wipes. You should also limit the amount of Fats, Oils and Grease washed down the drains.

The brands that we recommend and also have the most experience in installing, replacing, and repairing are:

  • Liberty Pumps
  • Goulds Pumps
  • Zoeller Pumps
  • Environmental One Corporation (E-One Pumps)
  • Hydromatic
  • Meyers
  • Homa
  • Weil
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