High pressure hydro jet cleaning in Newport News, VA

High-Pressure Hydro-Jet Cleaning

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Does my commercial property need hydro-jetting services?

Do you have a commercial property experiencing an entire backup of all drains? Do you have multiple restaurants in a shopping center and have severe grease or sewer buildup? If so, our hydro-jetter is powerful enough to clear the drains and thoroughly clean the debris to reduce future backups.

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Our jetting machine is made by Spartan and is a powerful hose capable of 4,000 PSI (per square inch). Our Technicians are required to be trained to run this piece of equipment properly to ensure they understand how to properly and safely clear drains while using it.

If your commercial property is experiencing slow emptying drains or entire sewer backups, it could be caused by root intrusion, grease and sewer buildup or debris accumulation from toilet paper, cotton products, “flushable wipes” or any other items flushed down your drains.

High-Pressure Hydro-Jet Cleaning FAQs

Both the hydro-jetter machine and hydro-jet capability on the Combination Truck thoroughly wash drains but the power is really the main difference.

Due to the high-pressure hose, there is risk involved with using the hydro-jet machine, which is why Ziegler Plumbing ensures our Technicians are experienced enough to use the jetter. The Technician will assess the way the drains are run at your location, insert the hose into the drain and carefully clean the line until the blockage is removed.

We have many customers who are on maintenance contracts to have their lines cleared on a frequent basis to reduce the risk of untimely and costly sewer backups that ultimately impact your tenants or commercial customers’ businesses. If you are interested in setting up a maintenance contract with us, please complete this form. 

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Ziegler Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. was able to map out our entire plumbing system to figure out what the cause of the problem was and recommend a solution.

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