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Leak Detection

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Are you experiencing a high water bill or suspect you have a leak?

It’s vital to locate and repair a water leak quickly and effectively. If you are trying to locate a leak without professional leak detection services, it can lead to costly and wasteful digging and damage to your property.

Ziegler Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. has a dedicated leak detection Specialist who can locate a leak using acoustic leak detection equipment. Most leaks can be located within two hours. By pinpointing the leak, costly and wasteful digging in the wrong location can be avoided.

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  1. Brown stains on your walls or ceiling.
  2. Decrease in water pressure.
  3. Wet spots anywhere at your home (inside or outside).
  4. The sound of running water in your walls when all taps are turned off.
  5. Significantly higher water bill.

Leak Detection FAQ’s

If you suspect a leak, it’s important to detect the leak as soon as possible before the problem gets worse and causes extensive and costly damage. The leak may be something as simple as a running toilet or could be as serious as a leak under a concrete slab floor or house foundation. Don’t delay calling an expert.

Of course, Ziegler Plumbing has repaired thousands of leaks. Once the leak is detected we will follow-up with a quote. If you approve the quote, we will schedule the repair.

  • Failure of pipe material is a common cause of leaks.
  • Damage to pipe material due to extreme temperatures.
  • Poor installation including improper fittings and connections.

A leak in your slab can go unnoticed for a long time. We can pinpoint the leak in your slab and make the repair.

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Ziegler repaired my leak the day after I called. Professional job.

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