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High-Pressure Jet Cleaning

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When is high-pressure jet cleaning necessary?

If your sewer lines have severe root intrusion or sludge and grease buildup, they may require high-pressure water to remove the debris from your lines. Our Trailer Jet is essentially a high-pressure water hose with a nozzled head that can remove semi-solids and cut through debris.

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Our jetting machine is made by Spartan and is a powerful hose capable of 4,000 PSI (per square inch). Our Technicians are required to be specially trained to run this piece of equipment to ensure they understand how to properly and safely clear drains while using it.

If you’re experiencing slow emptying drains, it could be caused by root intrusion, grease and sewer buildup or debris accumulation from toilet paper, cotton products, “flushable wipes” or any other items flushed down your drains.

If a drain is backed up it can potentially cause water to back up into fixture drains that tie into it.  As the water finds somewhere to go, pressure builds up forcing the water into another drain which may potentially cause a costly and messy backup. Most commonly, water will back up into the lowest drain fixture inlet of the sewer that is backed up, generally a bathtub, base of a toilet, or a drain in a garage of a house on crawlspace.

Gurgling or banging noises are usually a sign that there is a blockage in your drain.

If you have ruled out a dried p-trap, the next possible reason for foul odor is a clogged drain. Foul odor can be caused by bacteria that builds up in a clogged drain.

High Pressure Jet Cleaning FAQs

The most common causes for clogged drains include: hair, soap residue, dirt, F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, and Grease), food debris, and mineral build-up. If drains are compromised, it may be due to dirt or roots.

Items that should NOT be flushed include: “Flushable” wipes, diapers, feminine products, cotton products, medication, paper towels, and thick toilet paper. Put simply, you should only flush sewage and toilet paper.

A high-pressure jet is a very powerful hose that can remove heavy debris buildup and severe root intrusion. Rodding machines are another type of drain cleaning equipment but are essentially a cutter attached to a cable that can aggressively cut through heavy blockages. A jet thoroughly washes the drains when they are backed up with semi-solids while a rodding machine can cut through hard blockages.

We do not recommend clearing your own drains with a high-pressure hose. Why? First, the hose you have most likely does not have enough pressure to clear your line and second, it’s better to have a trained Technician clear the line to ensure no damage or harm is done to your drains or to yourself.

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