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Smoke Testing

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Are you experiencing a foul odor?

Ziegler Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. offers one of the most efficient ways to test your sewer systems: smoke testing. Smoke testing is a method used to find leaks and sources of odor in pipes and sewage systems.

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What can smoke testing detect?

Residential Smoke Testing FAQ’s

When customers believe they have a leaky pipe or need to determine the source of foul odor. Our machines pump smoke through sewer lines. As smoke fills the pipes, it escapes through any penetrations, revealing damaged areas.

Yes. We use non-hazardous smoke. In fact, the smoke we use isn’t even smoke at all. It’s actually a mist with a high concentration of moisture. This high concentration of moisture makes the gas more visible.

Smoke testing leaves no residue behind and doesn’t plug or damage sewerlines. Our smoke is non-toxic, so it is safe for plants, animals, and humans to come in contact with. If you choose to conduct a smoke test with pets in your home, it’s good idea to leave the windows partially open. Those with respiratory problems should avoid smoke exposure as it may cause irritation.

Our Office Staff will call the local fire department in your area to make them aware that we are conducting a smoke test in the event they get calls from your neighbors indicating that they see smoke.

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