Combination Truck - Vactor and hydro evacuation

Combination Truck Services

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Do you have a need for a large vacuum or cleaning truck?

Our Combination Truck has multiple capabilities including cleaning large diameter pipes at a high velocity, using pressurized water to break up soil and vacuuming debris such as dirt, sand and sludge.

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Common Issues/Reasons to Request Combination Truck Services

Utility Daylighting to excavate utilities.

Removal of debris from storm drain and sewer mains.

High-pressure water cleaning with a specialized hose to remove buildup on walls of lift stations and grease traps.

Combination Truck Services FAQs

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Ziegler Plumbing and Sewer, Inc did an excellent job with issues we experienced from a main line blockage. They had the right equipment and they were a pleasure to work with.

– Andrea
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